Head-mounted Adjustable HD VR Glasses With Headset

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VR glasses


 Bare metal weight: 561g/ 19.8 (oz)

Product size: 332mm*202mm*1 53mm
Lens material: optical resin high-definition lens
Lens diameter: 42mm
Field of view: limit 110 (actually related to the size of the phone and the tightness of the headband) Optical correction: aspheric design
Color difference: 0.39CIELAB
Myopia adjustment: 0-600° (myopic people below 600°)
Hyperopia adjustment: 0- 500°
Object distance adjustment: 44- 53mm
Interpupillary distance adjustment: 60- -67mm
Headphone sensitivity: 112dB/mW
Frequency response range: 20- 20000Hz
Headphone impedance: 32Q
Power: Limit 50mW
Earmuffs: 1 pair of earmuffs with over-ear fever sound quality
Compatible platform: ios/ Android
Screen size: 4.7-6.43 inches display mobile phone experience is very good
Recommended specifications: 4.7-6.43 inches, resolution between 1080p-2K
Dimensions: can be used within the length and width range (164.8x80.2mm)
Headphone jack: 3.5mm headphone jackPlug type: in-line
Touch button: capacitive input mechanical touch button

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VR glasses *1