Night Light Cute Pet Astronaut

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Astronaut: astronaut lamp


【UNIQUE DESIGN】Bears, kittens, and puppies all put on space suits and become astronauts. The lights in the hands of different animal astronauts emit different colors. The unique design can not only be used as a night light, but the creative appearance can also be used as a childs toy to inspire childrens imagination in outer space. It can also be used as a photography prop to take unique photos.

【HOME DECORATION】Unique design, it is a good choice to put it on the dining table, study room or bedroom. It can be used indoors and outdoors, which can bring a comfortable experience and more fun to the family.This small night light is exquisitely designed and can be used as a gift during holidays or on a friend’s birthday. The cute image will surely surprise and happy with friends.

Astronaut LED Night Lights

【EASY TO CARRY】This small night light is made of resin, hand-made, with safe material, without sharp edges and night light. Lightweight, specially designed for the perfect handheld size. At night, children can carry the night light with them when they go out, which is very convenient. 

【COMFORTABLE SLEEP】Cute animal astronauts accompany you to sleep. This small night light is soft and has no noise. It is suitable for children of all ages and parents who need proper lighting at night. Enough to allow you to see things around you in the dark, making it easy for children to use during play time or sleep time. This is a perfect choice for children who are afraid of the dark.

【EASY TO USE】This small night light only needs to install button electronics at the bottom, and it can emit a warm light when the switch is turned on. It is very convenient to use, and this design can maintain the integrity and beauty of the astronauts image.

This astronaut animal is not only a small night light, but also a good interior decoration in your home.

Product description:

1. Put this small night light on the bedside table and use soft light to create an eye-catching environment.

2. When lighting is needed, there is no need for the main light to wake up the baby or disturb others sleep.

3. It can be used as an ornament when the lights are not turned on, and it is also very suitable as a gift to relatives and friends.


Battery model: lr1130

Size: 5.12inches*3.74inches*4.14inches|

Weight about 400g

Material: Resin

Packing list: 1*Astronaut night light

Category: Astronaut Decoration

Hanging form: ornaments

Style: simple

Shape: cartoon